About the Artist

My art career began around three years ago when I became tired
of taking my fishing boats (both made of aluminum) for welding
repairs. At that time I bought a mig welder that would weld steel,
aluminum, and stainless steel. With the help of the internet and
friends in the metal business, I began to weld everything I could
get my hands on and soon I was making my own repairs. That
was only the beginning.

Around ten years ago I bought a redfish at an art show made of
steel and was intrigued by the craftsmanship. The piece was cut
by the artist with a plasma torch, so that was my next purchase.
I began to cut and was immediately hooked. I spend all my spare
time in my backyard shop creating art from metal. This is more than just a hobby for me: I am truly passionate about my artwork and each piece is a reflection of my love for the outdoors.

Brad Rohrbacher
Metal Artist

An avid fisherman with deep family roots to Florida’s Gulf Coast, most of my work is inspired by my experiences on the water. Each piece is unique and 100% hand-crafted. In June of 2011 I will retire after thirty five years as a teacher and coach in Marion County, Florida. At this time I plan to spend more time having fun fishing and creating at Brad’s Backyard Metal Art .

Brad, Rohrbacher, Howie Rohrbacher & Grandfather Harry Rohrbacher
Dec. 1963 - Cedar Key, FL at Home 
of Grandfather Capt. William Delaino
Carly & Caitlin Rohrbacher
Dec. 2000  - Yankeetown, FL
Julie Rohrbacher Yankeetown, FL
Howard & Brad Rohrbacher
Bonita Fishing Club - Father & Son Champs
Yankeetown, FL
Bonita Club - Yankeetown, FL
Carly - Father & Daughter Fishing Tournament - Nov. 2009